Alvaro Boitier


– ECON 102: Intermediate Macroeconomics (undergraduate), UCLA, Summer 2020

– Intermediate Macroeconomics (undergraduate), UTDT, Winter 2017

Teaching Assistant

– ECON 102: Intermediate Macroeconomics (undergraduate), UCLA, 2018-2022

– ECON 1: Introductory Economics (undergraduate), UCLA, Winter 2022

–  ECON 11: Microeconomic Theory (undergraduate), UCLA, Fall 2020

– ECON 103: Introduction to Econometrics, UCLA, Summer 2019

– Graduate Microeconomics (masters), UTDT, Fall 2015 & Fall 2016

– Graduate Macroeconomics (masters), UTDT, Winter 2016

– Graduate Macroeconomics II (masters), UTDT, Spring 2016

– Intermediate Macroeconomics (undergraduate), UTDT, 2015-2016

– Intermediate Economics (undergraduate), UTDT, Fall 2015

Students Testimonials

“Every student hopes to find the perfect TA with combined qualities of patience and mastery of subject matter. Alvaro not only makes that combination a reality, but also exceeds it with his down-to-earth personality, incredible generosity with his time and his willingness to help his students. In the last week leading up to the final exam, Alvaro dedicated three additioanl two-hour review sessions to make sure that our entire section had the knowledge and resources to be successful on the exam. I must say that Alvaro’s comprehensive and flexible teaching style in regular weekly sessions, office hours and additional review sessions helped me achieve a high grade in a class that was perhaps the most difficult during my time at UCLA”

Justin Pai, ECON 102 Spring 2022

“Alvaro is a great TA. Not only was he prepared for the discussions, but he was also prepared and excited to duscuss economic topics outside of the course material. He armed students with the necessary information and then guided us to think deeper abouot economics. I highly recommend choosing Alvaro to be your TA. He is helpful, knowledgeable, and personable”

Antonio Mirizzi, ECON 102 Spring 2022